Tuesday, May 02, 2006
I got into a fight on Saturday. Actually, two.

It all started when my friend Mike had some people at his party that he didn't like. Our friend (who works as a bouncer, BTW) asked them to leave. When they started talking shit, he got punched in the head. When his friend stepped up all like "Wanna fight me too?" I clinched with him and took him to the ground.

So now the guy that the bouncer was fighting is totally fucked up, and the guy I was fighting is fine (I managed to end the fight without throwing any punches, and I made it so he couldn't land any of his).

Then they come back with like 30 people. Uh Oh. Fortuatly for us we had another bouncer friend. He's like 7' and 260 lbs. Needless to say when he took his shirt off, most of the guys decided not to fight. But some of them did.

I took a shot to the nose, which blacked both my eyes, but I was able to pull him to the ground and get the mount. I then began to tee off on his face.

I guess the cops came but we had already pulled our shit inside and locked the doors so they couldn't really hastle us. So that's my Saturday night.
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Saturday, April 15, 2006
So I haven't been posting much, because I don't think anyone reads this thing.

Anyways I got a new stereo, and it kicks total ass.


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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
We're kicking off St. Patties day something huge. We came up with a "Dress Classy, get Trashy" theme so we're going to get fitted, bawlin' out with green ties and all. Me and my homies girlfriend already put up green and white streamers, and a couple of "Happy St. Patrick's Day" banners.

Oh, and we're starting off with a TWO kegs. When one runs out, we point people to the other one while we fill it up. Cuz that's how we do.

"I'm ready to get drunk!"
-Luke Wilson, Wedding Crashers
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Sunday, March 12, 2006
Movin on up
Thanks for your comments peoples. I almost felt guilty for a second, thinking maybe I was overreacting, but it turns out I'm in the right: opening shit that you didn't order is LAME! (BTW, it has happened since then; I got a letter from my school and he tore that open as well.)

So my girlfriend and I are saving up to move out this summer, which is just a couple of months away. We're going to move into the apartment complex that a bunch of my friends live in, and we were thinking about becoming upstairs/downstairs neighbors with my friends, so we can be loud and have parties and not have to worry about people complaining.
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Thursday, March 09, 2006
I've been trying to save some money so I can move out this summer, however my Dad is making it really hard for me not to couch surf until then.

I came home really late yesterday. I spent all day at work and then had to drive a half hour (each way!) to setup some new shit for a business. I finally get home around 10:00PM, and I see my Dad and one of his greasy, smelly friends on the couch, with my new netflix movies all torn apart on the coffee table.

"Oh, yeah, we broke open your discs".

WHAT THE FUCK?! How the fuck do you just decide "I'm bored, and he got some cool shit in the mail, let's see what he got."

He did the same goddamn thing when I ordered my lockpick set. I came home to find my USPS Priority package all ripped to shreds and my pickset on the couch.

This is some BULLSHIT!
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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Haven't really been up to much...haven't been posting because I'm not sure if I'm getting any readers.

I got real drunk at a party last Saturday, and we were kickin it in the kitchen, and somehow the stovetop got turned on. These girls were like "This is hot" and I was like "Not uh" and then put my hand on the stove to prove them wrong. But they were right.

This just in: Alcohol is indirectly bad for your health.
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Saturday, February 11, 2006
The Great Minds
Tonight, it appears that most of the security-focused minds from the Chico area will be gathering to talk and share information. A lot of people are crawling out of their caves for this little gathering, so it should be fun.
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